Muddy adventures and the rainbow at the unreachable waterfall

Come with us in our weekly adventures. This time we hike through the mud and see the rainbow at the unreachable waterfall!

I borrowed Priscilla's hat a bit heheh mmmm cool! :D

We didn't plan the route the day before, but we decided to go out and get some fresh air, even it looked it was going to rain. I thought to go to a natural spring that must be full of water, because last time we went during the summer and it was all dry.

Unfortunately, the site was closed to the public because they are doing works as it is dangerous due to landslides. It doesn't matter, because there were two beautiful ponies there. We have to improve a new plan then. Let's see if we can go to a hidden waterfall that is close.

There is a dark sky, but some breaks in the clouds make the valley full of interesting contrasts.

Along the way we can appreciate the oaks. It seems almost autumn

I keep driving and a beautiful soft rainbow appears, and of course, we need to stop and get the cameras out again. I can't help it. It is right there where the rainbow starts, where we are going. So let's walk. Let's see what is there!

Some trees like to live to the limit.

Views of the valley from our path to the waterfall

(Photo by Priscilla). Let's keep going... there is a bit of mud.:D

The forest in winter is also enchanting. The moss makes sure that green remains!

(photo by Priscilla) What do I look for inside this rock? This:

I love to look at the small details too.

Beautiful small details! It is all worth already. :D

Oops... This starts to get muddy...

The rainbow tricked us! hahaha but it's ok.. keep going! Don't worry. I'm not showing all the cow shit.. Just mud.

We get out of the mud to get into the forest with their trees showing off their best mosses.

(photo by @yidneth) Me taking the previous picture :)

Did someone drop a stone here?

Mmmmm this is not looking good to reach the waterfal. I don't want to get wet. Priscilla wants to take off her boots and cross, but I don't want to risk slipping with the cameras. The flow is strong. The terrain makes it impossible to go further up so we need to go down to see if we can cross from another point.

Shall we try here?

I slip and... bye bye walking stick. But I recovered it further down with a bit of luck. Let's keep going down.

This is how rivers are born in the middle of the forest.

We are not going to be able to cross. But it doesn't matter, here it is beautiful and the water keeps accelerating down the ravine. Better not to get close to the edge...

Pris... I said not too close to the edge! ay ay... :D

We take some more photos in this beautiful place.

Consolation: In our way back, we can at least see the unreachable waterfall from afar, through the forest. We didn't reach the objective, but it doesn't matter. Why? Because it is the journey what counts. Even with a lot of mud :-D It has been a fantastic afternoon, full of mud, moss, cow shit, and rainbows in the best company :-D

And remember! It is very important to tie your boots well. Ask Priscilla ;)

See you in the next adventure!