Snowed up misty forest

Come with us to this misty forest in Spain! @yidneth and I went on a wonderful Winter walk to make a photo session in Nature as usual. But this time the forest was full of snow and fog and it was really awesome.

It is cloudy, and snowing. So it is a good day. Good weather. At least from photographers point of view ;)

So we are going to go out a quick walk to the mountains, and try to make some photos with snow and the sunset.

Let's go!

We arrive at our starting point. I have to "park" the car in a field full of snow... And I have an old car without winter tires, or chains... Should I be worried? Maybe.. but later.. now look at this landscape!! Let's go and start hiking up a bit. We don't have much time.

Zoom to the valley. We start going up. There is nobody here. Humans are in some other part of the planet. I think behind that mountain there must be some small village with some humans but here reigns peace, tranquillity and pure air. ;) ahhhhh so nice.. 

I start to see compositions as soon as we start walking. I like this one but I forgot to focus on the far away landscape too. I am still enjoying the landscape so much and my mind is not fully set on photography yet :D

Along the way, we see some dead trees being devoured slowly but without pause. Another day I'll explain why these wonderful creatures are so important for life, thus, for us.

Let's keep going!

Look !

The clouds are clashing against the mountain. The forest there must look amazing with all the fog. Let's go ! quick! 

The fog gives a lovely sense of depth among the trees. Everything is wonderful everywhere you look!

Some leaves resist to fall. Hero leaves. They stand strong.

A detail of the champion leaves. By the way... this forest is made of beeches mostly.

It starts to get dark. The sky has turned pink and violet with an interesting cloudy texture. I love it! So dramatic! This is why bad weather is good weather for a photographer.

With this light... everything looks wonderful! The bad part is that, as always, the best light lasts shortly and quickly disappears I have to make the most of it while I can.

We are not going to have a spectacular sunset because we can't see the sun, but I have to stop for a moment to contemplate this wonderful scene in awe. 

It starts snowing more and we have to go back to the car. I hope I can get it out from the snow without problems ! :D

I also made a fantasy photo session for Priscilla Hernandez (@yidneth) in this forest.

It has been a short walk but very beautiful. The forest sleeps. We can hear some birds and crows cawing far away. I wonder where are all the small creatures, that will be all around soon. The snow is beautiful but it is a hard environment.

Thanks for reading!